Three Must Have Summer Travel Accessories

Load up the gear for this summer’s road trips and getaways. Just make sure you bring the important stuff with you.

Here’s a helpful checklist of what you need for summer road trips.

An electric cooler.

“Electric coolers aren’t only for long-haul truck drivers who want to avoid eating fast food,” said Sneha Kulkarni, director of public relations for Koolatron, an Ontario-based company that has manufactured thermoelectric coolers since 1983.

“Demand continues to grow as families embrace day trips, staycations, camping and road trips.” Officially known as thermoelectric coolers, these portable devices don’t contain refrigerant; instead, they draw in surrounding air and push it through an electric fan.

Polarized sunglasses.

“Sunglasses are so important people tend to include them in their mental checklist with wallet and cellphone before they leave the house,” said Bill Yerby, director of sales and marketing for Serengeti Eyewear. “While glare is the biggest issue, eye strain caused by harsh light and squinting presents a real and pervasive hazard for drivers.”

Lenses are made of glass, plastic or composites. Glass lenses provide the best visual clarity, Yerby said, and suggested amber-tinted shades for driving.

Portable vacuum.

Stashing a portable vacuum in the family car provides an on-board convenience, especially when the device is specifically designed for the cabin.

“Small, lightweight devices make cleaning less of a chore,” said Sarah Windham public relations manager at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., which produces four styles of handheld vacuums.